Each year, Southwestern University’s Staff Recognition Event is held in the Bishops’ Lounge of the McCombs Campus Center in January to recipients of the Joe S. Mundy Awards and to honor faculty and staff members who are celebrating milestone work anniversaries. The campus community and recipients’ family members are invited to attend the ceremony and reception, where each honoree is presented with a pin and certificate of appreciation and supervisors of honorees with 20 or more years of work make presentations highlighting their team member’s outstanding work. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Staff Recognition Event has been postponed until January 2022. However, the university gratefully acknowledges the dedication of this year’s deserving honorees.

Mundy Award winners

Southwestern University’s Mundy Award was created in 2002 as a memorial to the leadership and commitment of Joe S. Mundy, an alumnus and member of the alumni board of directors as well as SU’s board of trustees. The award recognizes exemplary faculty and staff. Nominated by their peers, the honorees demonstrate the same unwavering commitment and extraordinary passion that Mundy had for Southwestern. The Mundy Award is the most prestigious honor bestowed by the university on a member of the Southwestern community. Please join us in congratulating these faculty and staff members:

  • Megan Frisque
  • Terri Johnson
  • Kristen Paxson
  • George Godward
  • Scott McLean
  • Julie Sievers
Staff years-of-service honorees

So many Southwestern community members have demonstrated great dedication to the university for at least five years. This year, we give special thanks to those who are celebrating milestone anniversaries with the school:

Five Years
  • Amanda Anthony
  • Roger Castillo
  • Stephen Downey
  • Lee Dsouza
  • Paul Ford
  • Stacy Leeber
  • Rachel McNally
  • Kristen Paxson
  • Dinah Ritchie
  • Jennifer Smull
  • Laura Sewell
  • Loretta Waclawczyk
  • Tom Williams
  • Melissa Williamson
  • Marie Worsham
10 Years
  • Mary Fields
  • Kylin Lee
  • Maria Munoz de Garcia
  • Becky Rodriguez
15 Years
  • Karen Fruge
  • Paula Sutton
20 Years
  • Alexandra Anderson
  • Jose Arreola
  • Michael DeLance
  • George Godward
  • Phil Lindinger
  • Nadia Mahannah
  • Roy Salazar
  • Michael Sedwick
  • David Williamson
25 Years
  • Pat Murray
  • Donald Repa
30 Years
  • Xan Koonce
  • Mike Lyda
35 Years
  • Randy Damron