On November 12, 2020, Adrianne Jones 85, Davidella Floyd 88, Anisa Ismail 01, Joi Lakes 01, LaToya Alexander 08, Charles Prince 10, Nekia Becerra 12, and Celso Catumbela 13 engaged in a discussion about diversity and their experiences as individuals of color in a panel presented by Southwestern University’s Office of Diversity Education. The topics of conversation included their favorite anecdotes and professors from their time at SU and how being people of color affected them in their educations at institutions of higher learning and their careers after graduation.

There was no lack of diversity in the backgrounds, disciplines, and personalities of the panelists. However, they were all in unanimous agreement on the advice they offered to students who are considering postgraduate studies, entering their professional career, or endeavoring toward personal growth: stay the course in times of self-doubt, rely on the path paved by the individuals who faced and conquered adversity before, and be unapologetic in your uniqueness as an ambassador for diversity.