Beginning your first day on campus, you will be asked to complete a daily health screening online. The purpose of the screening is to help you get into the habit of checking in with how you are feeling each day. It will also help you assess whether you might need to seek the advice of a healthcare professional. Every member of the SU community will be asked to complete the questionnaire.

The screening asks four questions about whether you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 and whether you have had recent contact with others who have tested positive. For students, if your answers indicate any risk, you will be asked not to go to class (or anywhere outside your room or home) until you have checked in with the Health Center. For faculty and staff, if your answers indicate any risk, there will be a link to a symptom checker that will ask more specific questions to determine whether you can report to work or whether you need to seek medical attention.

We’ll remind you to complete the screening through the SU App (which you can download here), through Campus Notices, and by email. You can also bookmark the link to the screening website and fill it out each morning before you receive your daily reminder. You can learn more about the daily health screening in our reopening FAQs.

Thank you for taking personal responsibility to reduce the spread of COVID-19.