Let’s face it: academics at SU are going to look different this fall. But faculty and staff are doing everything they can to make sure your academic experience is as safe and fulfilling as possible in these uncertain times.

That said, we also understand that your physical and mental well-being, your family situation, or any other number of factors might make remote learning a safer choice for you. We want you to live and learn wherever you will be most successful and at least risk, so instead of residing and attending classes on campus, you might instead choose to live at home and engage in distance learning, or you might live locally and commute to campus for class. Whichever option you choose, SU is committed to offering an engaging educational experience built on strong faculty–student mentoring, whether in person or online. Please note that for this reason, if you elect remote courses, Southwestern will not discount tuition.

All Southwestern students have the option of engaging in remote learning. Although there is no application or approval process for remote learning, you should proceed as follows:

  • Email your professors to notify them of your intention to attend classes remotely.
  • Fill out this very brief survey, which will notify our Center for Academic Success staff that you are taking this option and allow them to alert any other offices on campus of your status.

Questions? Check out our academics FAQs as well as SU’s more comprehensive reopening page.