General Premises

  1. All members of the SU community are required to provide a negative polymerase chain reaction test (PCR) test before returning to campus. Neither antibody tests nor antigen tests meet our requirements, and those cannot be accepted.  
    1. Those who can provide documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 within the past 90 days will be exempted.
    2. Students who are engaged in fully remote learning and will not be coming to campus at all during the fall semester will not be required to provide test documentation.
  2. Student test results will be provided to the SU Health Center
    1. Fax to 512-863-1310
    2. Email to
    3. Upload an image of the results to the patient portal, which is linked from the Health Center website (
  3. A student living on campus who returns without having provided documentation to the Health Center will not be allowed to move in until documentation is produced.
  4. Residents will be required to test in-person upon arrival to campus.  Testing times will be assigned by Housing to correlate with move-in time.
  5. Off campus students will be required to test prior to in-person classes.  Testing sign-up information will be emailed.  
  6. Students will not be allowed to attend class in person until they’ve provided documentation of a negative test.
  7. Everyone should presume that they themselves, and any others with whom they interact, could possibly be infected at any time. Safety precautions like hand-washing, mask-wearing, and physical distancing are critical.
Students for whom the cost of testing prior to arrival creates a financial burden should consult the COVID Testing Assistance Fund for assistance.


Testing at home prior to arrival on campus

  • All students should self quarantine at home for at least 14 days prior to the return to campus.
  • All students should have a test done no more than 14 days prior to the day they plan to move back to campus/Georgetown (as close as possible to return to campus but with enough time to provide results).
  • The purpose of this test is to prevent those who are infected from coming to campus in the first place.


How and where to get a COVID-19 Test before you return to campus

To get tested at home:

To find a drive-through location:

What to do with results:

  • Whether they test positive or negative, students will share their test results with the Health Center in one of three ways:
  • If positive:
    • At least 10 days after onset of symptoms (with conditions), or 10 days from positive test if no symptoms.
    • During that time, the student should reach out to the residence life office ( to arrange a move-in time AFTER their 10 day stay-home.
    • The student should email Dave Seiler ( in the Center for Academic Success to discuss remote learning during this period.
    • Our COVID Care Coordinators will reach out to the student to explain under what conditions they will be allowed to return to campus.
  • If negative, the University will send confirmation that results were received within one business day, with instructions to move onto campus as planned, plus tips for being careful in transit to Georgetown.


On-Campus Testing

On-campus students will be pre-assigned a testing time slot which correlates to their move-in time where possible.  The assigned time and date will be communicated by Housing/Student Life directly to the student. Students arriving on Friday, September 4 may receive a testing time slot on Saturday or early Sunday because of the volume of students arriving on Friday. Off-campus students will be offered time slots primarily on September 2 and September 7, with some slots available September 3 - 6 when move-in traffic is lighter. RAs will be tested between 8:00 and 9:30AM on September 2, before any other students, so that they will understand the process and be able to explain it to their residents.

Off-campus students will have the opportunity to sign up for a testing appointment time via email from Joe Watkins, Director of Housing. Off-campus students who do not sign up promptly will be assigned a testing time. If the testing time does not work with their schedule, they will be responsible for getting a test at a local provider. No students will be allowed to attend class without having negative results from a second test.

The testing provider, CareNow, requires documentation to be completed in advance of testing.  The documentation includes: 

  1. A copy of your valid photo ID; 
  2. A copy (front and back) of your insurance card (for billing purposes); 
  3. Demographic information form
  4. HIPAA form
  5. General disclosure form

These five documents should be sent electronically to Jason Bonick, director of counseling & health at Please send a single email with the subject line “COVID Test Forms” with all of your forms/copies of your cards attached. Students who arrive for their testing appointment without having submitted their documentation in advance will not be allowed to move in to the residence halls until their forms have been completed (for on-campus students) and will have to wait on “standby” rather than getting their assigned appointment time (for off-campus students).

A screening form will also be required to be filled out at the time of testing.  Please print this form, if able, and bring it with you. You do not need to fill out the screening form now or send it in the email to Jason Bonick.

Forms and required documentation will be linked on the University COVID website. Forms should be submitted as soon as possible, and no later than 5:00PM on Monday, August 31st.

At their assigned appointment time, students will go to Corbin J. Robertson Center (CJR) and:

  1. Enter CJR through the main doors.
  2. Stop at a screening table, where they will be asked if they have any COVID symptoms currently, and their forms will be checked; if they have not pre-completed forms, they will lose their appointment time, fill out the forms on site, and wait for the next available opening.
  3. Proceed to the tester stations (set up in the gym with ER-style curtains to create five distinct and private testing stations). They will be swabbed at the tester station.
    1. An anterior nares (nasal swab) specimen collected by a healthcare provider.
    2. The test is similar to a flu test swab.
    3. The test is one of the five CDC approved tests for initial diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2.
  4. Be directed to a clinical assessment stop, where a medical professional will listen to their heart and lungs, take their blood pressure, discuss relevant medical history, etc. This is not a drive-thru test; the clinical assessment is a required part of the process.
  5. Receive a packet of information explaining how and when to access their testing results (results are expected within 3 days of the test).  Students will have signed a release to share test results with the SU Health Center.
  6. Exit through the back doors of the CJR, so that traffic is only flowing in one direction.

University staff will be on hand throughout the testing process to assist with traffic control and redirecting students with symptoms to a local testing facility.

Random Testing

In continuing to support the health of our campus, the University is starting weekly randomized COVID-19 testing the week of September 21. The testing will include students, faculty, and staff. 

Here’s how it will work: 

  1. Number of Tests: Fifty members of the Southwestern community, including students, faculty, and staff, will be tested each week.
  2. Start Date: Testing will begin next week (September 21).
  3. Student Testing Scheduling: Students will be identified and contacted for testing each Friday prior to the scheduled week of testing. Selected students will receive an email asking them to self-schedule their testing time using the provided link to the patient portal. 
  4. Faculty and Staff Testing Scheduling: Human Resources will identify, at random, faculty and staff for testing during the upcoming week. Selected faculty and staff will receive an email asking them to call the Health Center to schedule their test in the upcoming week. 
  5. Testing Process: Everyone who is required to be tested will report to the Health Center at their designated date/time. A staff member will be present to oversee the entire testing process. Please remember to bring your phone to your appointment. 
  6. Tracking: Health Center staff will record who arrives for their test as well as track and ship all testing samples to the laboratory.
  7. Getting Your Results - Students: Students will be notified of their results directly from the testing laboratory. The Health Center will be notified of any positive tests and take appropriate action to ensure the student is immediately assigned to isolation.
  8. Getting Your Results - Faculty and Staff: Faculty and staff will be notified of their results directly from the testing laboratory. HR will receive faculty and staff results and will contact those with positive test results to guide them through the process of isolating at home.

If you have any questions, please contact the Health Center at 512.863.1252.