1. Who can I talk to in the athletic department if I am struggling academically?
    You can always start with your head coach or Glenn Schwab, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics is available to talk with you. His email address is schwabg@southwestern.edu.
  2. How many hours do I need to pass each year to remain eligible for intercollegiate athletics?
    All student-athletes much pass a minimum of 24 hours each year to remain eligible for the following year. These hours may include courses taken at any institution.
  3. What is the minimum GPA requirement to maintain my eligibility for intercollegiate athletics?
    All student-athletes must pass an average of 12 credits per regular semester or a total of 48 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better before you enter your fifth semester.
  4. How many hours must I be enrolled to stay eligible for intercollegiate athletics during my playing season?
    As a student-athlete, you must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits to be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics. If class credits fall below 12 credits as documented by the Southwestern University Office of the Registrar, the student-athlete immediately becomes ineligible, and the Athletic Department’s NCAA Compliance Officer will be notified.
  5. If I need to drop a class, do I need to contact anyone in the athletic department?
    Yes, you should notify your head coach or Doug Ross, Associate Director of Athletics and NCAA Compliance Officer for Southwestern to ensure you are not jeopardizing your eligibility. The Center for Academic Success is always a great resource as well, even though they are not housed in the athletic department. You should also check with Financial Aid to discuss any impact to your aid, as well as your Academic Advisor to discuss how this may impact your degree plan or graduation timeline.
  6. Does the athletic department have tutors available for me to use?
    No, as a Division III institution, the NCAA does not allow Southwestern to offer specialized services reserved for only student-athletes. Our student athletes have full access to any services provided to the general student body. Tutoring options can be found here: https://www.southwestern.edu/offices/success/tutoring/. Also, you can connect with a Peer Mentor to discuss study strategies, time management, etc. The Debby Ellis Writing Center is available to work with you through the writing process.
  7. My sport is out of season, what other activities can I do on campus?
    You may participate in voluntary workouts with our strength & conditioning coach during your off-season. You may also want to check out SIRA, Southwestern Intramural & Recreational Activities. They offer many opportunities to keep everyone active.

    SU has a variety of ways to participate on campus between seasons:
  8. What do I need to do to switch sports?
    You will first need to have a conversation with your current coach. If you both still agree this is in your best interest, you can then discuss this option with the Head Coach of the sport you wish to join. This is not an easy transition in college because most of the student-athletes have been recruited for their specific sport. There have been a few individuals to be very successful while doing this.
  9. What do I need to do to take a semester off from my sport?
    You will need to talk with your head coach and Doug Ross, Associate Director of Athletics and our NCAA Compliance Officer.
  10. Am I allowed to have a job? How do I get a job?
    All students at Southwestern have the right to work while attending Southwestern. You will need to work with your employer on a schedule that will allow you to attend all practices and games of your sport. The NCAA does not allow anyone in the athletic department to help student-athletes find jobs, but if you contact the Center for Career and Professional Development Office they can help assist you in you search for employment.
  11. What if I am sick or get injured during the school year?
    As all student-athletes are aware, you are required to disclose all illnesses and injuries to our athletic training staff. This is mandated by Southwestern and the NCAA to ensure your safe participation in intercollegiate athletics. You should always contact the athletic trainer assigned to your sport, or our Head Athletic Trainer, Curt Snyder.
  12. If I am struggling with my sport and/or coach, who can I talk to?
    You may always schedule an appointment with Glenn Schwab, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Doug Ross our Associate Director of Athletics, or Shea Davisson, Associate Director of Athletics and Senior Woman Administrator. They have an open-door policy and are willing to meet with any student-athlete who has a question or a need. Please call the athletic department at 512.863.1353 to schedule an appointment.