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There are even more resources for LGBTQ students and alumni on our Internet Links page, under Resources For Diverse Job Seekers, and any student is welcome to contact the CCPD for individual advice and assistance with professional development.

Below are some resources specifically for the professional development of LGBTQ individuals:

CNN’s article about the recent Supreme Court ruling, which extends Title VII employment protections so that employees cannot be discriminated against for their gender identity or sexual orientation. 

The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund offers internships and has a goal of increasing the numbers of openly LGBTQ public servants within all levels of government. 

Gayellow Pages is a directory of LGBTQ resources, organizations, and companies. 

The Human Rights Campaign has created a Guide to Coming Out at Work, including information about why, how, and when to choose to come out in the workplace. 

The Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index ranks hundreds of companies every year on their protections and benefits for LGBTQ workers. 

The Human Rights Campaign’s Guide to Advocating for LGBT Equality in the Workplace provides explanations of ways to advocate while also protecting your job and yourself. 

This LGBT LinkedIn group provides connections and resources for job seekers. 

The National Center for Transgender Equality has resources on advocacy, employment rights, and so much more, specifically curated for transgender individuals.

The National LGBTQ Task Force provides resources on advocacy and LGBTQ rights. The organization itself also has internships, fellowships, and career opportunities.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has tons of legal information and other helpful resources about legal protections for LGBTQ workers.