Fellowship website: https://goldwater.scholarsapply.org/

Level of study: Undergraduate

General location of study: Domestic

Specific location, if applicable (country and/or institution): Southwestern University

Requires campus endorsement/nomination?: Yes

Campus application deadline, if applicable: December 1

Final application deadline (check fellowship website for specific yearly date): Nominated applicants are due to Foundation by last Friday in January

General fields of study/professional interests: STEM

Other specific criteria: Up to four students may be nominated by SU annually. Apply as a sophomore or junior. Must intend to pursue a research career in a natural sciences, mathematics or engineering, have 3.0+ GPA, and be a U.S. citizen U.S. national or a permanent resident. Pre-med students can apply if research is a central part of their career goals (research in medicine, though, is not supported).