Summer 2021

Credit: Yasonya |

SU Amsterdam - Sexuality and Culture

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dr. Traci Giuliano (Psychology)

Credit: Moment RF

SU Buenos Aires - Advanced Spanish Language and Culture

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dr. Carlos de Oro (Spanish)

- Cultures of Latin America (Dr. Carlos de Oro)
- Conversation in Context (API Faculty)

Granada, Spain Credit: Blend Images

SU Granada - Advanced Spanish Language and Culture & International Marketing

Granada, Spain
Dr. Katy Ross (Spanish) and Prof. Andy Ross (Business)

Course options:
- Cultures of Spain (Dr. Katy Ross)
- International Marketing (Prof. Andy Ross)
- Conversation in Context (API Faculty)

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SU Switzerland - Sustainability in Switzerland

Lugano, Switzerland
Dr. Josh Long (Environmental Studies)

Fall 2021

Tower Bridge, London, England Credit: David Iliff / License: CC BY-SA 3.0

SU London

Course options:
- British Life and Culture (required)
- Theatre in London
- Internship

Dr. Maria Lowe (Sociology and Anthropology)
- Social Patterns and Processes: Exploring London from a Sociological Perspective
- Race and Ethnicity in London and the UK

Dr. Emily Niemeyer (Chemistry)
- Chemistry of Food: the “Great British” Version
- The Elements of Art (CHE 51-304, NS, Early Modern Studies minor)