• Henna Night in Bishops Lounge

During the Spring semester of 2020, Muslim And Allies hosted Islam Awareness Week, which consisted of a series of events ranging from a movie night to a round table talk with guest speakers. Each event encouraged participants to learn more about Islam. One of these events was Sisterhood Henna Night, which Mosaic was able to help fund. The event gave participants the chance to have henna art drawn on their hands and many of them used this time to learn more about the cultural significance of the practice. Muslim And Allies’ officer Rhoda Hijazi ’23 was one of the henna artists and she was able to answer some of the questions the participants had. “This experience was enlightening by the fact that many were open to our culture and willing to learn more about the reasons behind henna.”

Mosaic was happy to see the event become a success and hopes to work with MAA more in the future.