Chip Evans '94 (left) and Scott Herlihy '92 (right) Chip Evans ’94 (left) and Scott Herlihy ’92 (right)There are many different aspects of Southwestern that make its students fall in love with the institution. For some, it is the beautiful campus and Academic Mall or the outstanding faculty and academics. For others, it could be anything from the student life and organizations, housing, or location. While these characteristics attract prospective students to Southwestern, it’s often the people who make up the University community that current students learn to appreciate. For example, one of the best aspects of Southwestern is its alumni. A true mark of a good alumni base is one that is filled with former students who are willing to donate not only their money but their time as well. Chip Evans ’94 is no exception to this: each year, he opens up his law firm, the Evans and Herlihy Law Firm, to Southwestern students with an interest in law so that they can gain experience in the field.

Evans and his partner, Scott Herlihy ’92, developed a bond at Southwestern through a May-term class that involved a trip to Boston. Evans says that he and Herlihy “have been friends ever since.” After Southwestern, Evans and Herlihy eventually found themselves at the same law school and remained friends as they transitioned into practicing law in Austin. Evans says that he and Herlihy “practiced law in Austin for 15 or so years, routinely having lunch and playing softball together before we decided to join up in 2016. We recently marked the advent of the new decade with a firm name change to Evans and Herlihy Law Firm to memorialize our partnership.”

As Southwestern alumni, Evans and Herlihy determined a great way to give back to their alma mater: by hiring current Southwestern students to intern in their law firm. As Evans puts it, “We need the help, and they need the experience.” Students interested in law often find difficulty breaking into the field, so the opportunity to intern at an established law firm run by experienced lawyers can be extremely beneficial for an aspiring lawyer. 

Current intern and Southwestern student Laura Rativa '20 with Chip Evans '94. Current intern and Southwestern student Laura Rativa ’20 with Chip Evans ’94.Laura Rativa ’20, a political science and communications double major, is currently interning with Evans and Herlihy. Rativa was interested in the high-impact experience because she plans to go to law school after her time at Southwestern. Rativa says that as part of her internship, she is “in charge of communicating with over 40 plaintiffs that are involved in a birth-control personal-injury case.” Rativa was tasked with such responsibilities as gathering information about the plaintiffs’ medical histories and filling out legal documentation relevant to the case. As the semester continues, Rativa will continue her legal work as well as begin helping with marketing efforts for the firm. Aside from the work experience Rativa is receiving, she states that she is benefitting from the mentorship Evans and Herlihy are providing because they are always willing to talk about their Southwestern Experience and what life has been like for them after graduation. In fact, Rativa says that she hopes “to be able to give back one day as Evans and Herlihy are today.”

Evans and Herlihy are examples of outstanding Southwestern alumni who have found an exciting and unique way to give back to their alma mater. Thanks to them, countless Southwestern students with a passion for law will have the opportunity to explore a career in law while receiving invaluable mentorship from two exemplary individuals who have been in their shoes. If you are interested in learning more about Evans and Herlihy or their firm, you can find more information on their website. For more information on offering Southwestern students an internship in your business, look into the Southwestern University Center for Career and Professional Development hire a pirate program.