Last semester, Mary Beltran ’23, a sophomore resident assistant,  brought one of her high school projects to the first-year residence halls at Southwestern. The project, known as Kindness Week, started as a week-long effort to spread kindness, gratitude, and joy throughout the campus. “[the project] changed my life. It was when I discovered that being kind to people really does make a difference.”

When Beltran applied for the Mosaic Mini-Grant, Mosaic was more than happy to fund the events and supported her vision for the week. 

“Through the five days of Kindness Week, I hoped that Kindness Week would help residents make meaning of their academic experience, develop 21st-century skills, shape identity, construct a well-managed life, and contribute as a global citizen. These are the five key areas of development of Mosaic at Southwestern, and I believe the basic value of kindness touches all of these.”

Mosaic was so enthusiastic about the project that the team worked with Mary to bring back Kindness Week in the spring semester — this time as a campus-wide effort. With help from Residence Life and Mosaic, Beltran was able to bring her vision of kindness to every Southwestern student.