This project is an interactive experience that will allow users to learn about astronomy and the mythology that is associated with constellations found in the night sky. We wanted to find a way for people to learn about astronomy in a fun and interactive way that would be enjoyable for people in all disciplines. This will be done through the use of an Oculus Quest VR headset that has been programmed to display the night sky. Through this VR experience you will be able to view of the night sky from any location at any date and time. Users will have the ability to toggle between different commands, such as zooming in to a field of view to study a constellation, planet, or a satellite soaring through space. The user will also be able to select any of these stellar objects and watch as they move in real time or select a date, such as the user’s birthday, and see the night sky on the night they were born. The main component that will be available to the users is the command to toggle any of the 88 constellations found in the program. Once a constellation is selected, a screen will appear with information about that constellation, such as the name and mythology that is associated with it.