Our goal of this project is to create a PVC instrument that will be easy and fun to play. Our instrument is a percussion instrument that is stricken with a paddle in order to produce sound. The instrument is held together by a wooden frame and looks similar to what can be described as a drum organ. We hope this instrument will show students to think more creatively by breaking the social norms of what a musical instrument is. Additionally, we hope this instrument will be used to create a sense of community and creative collaboration by having peers experiment with the instrument and share their musical creations with each other. Therefore, it is essential that this instrument can be played easily and without any prior musical experience or knowledge so that no one feels that they aren’t capable of creating a musical piece of work. Lastly, each instrument is constructed of readily available and low-cost materials, which allows many people, regardless of their socioeconomic status, to be able to reproduce each device.