Our world is in a perpetual state of frantic motion - one where we barely have time to observe and evaluate what is around us. In this work, we hope to enable others to slow down and understand what consequences our disposable lifestyles carry. By combining multiple mediums, we will create a tangible, immersive experience for viewers that will spur a somber reflection of our own personal impact on this planet. Our team will be constructing a series of four artworks that will allow us to experience the physical impact of what we throw away in our lives, and its slow but invisible devastation it has on our environment. We will document these pieces in a complementary series of large print photographs that will be displayed alongside the wearable sculptures. Our objective is to communicate our ideas visually to an audience in a way that is simultaneously compelling and moving, so that others would be inspired to look beyond their own busy lives and visualize a unified world for us all.