The goal of this project was to kick-start a non-profit organization, by the name of “”,  that works to facilitate donations to several other institutions directly supporting research on different human diseases, while spreading awareness about health disparities and the science behind each highlighted disease. By integrating the social, educational and scientific  aspects related to this project, we hope to increase the general public’s involvement on said matters. 

Our team believes that, quite ironically, a disease’s weakness may reside in its inherent beauty, an idea that is reflected in the name of our project. Emphasizing the hidden beauty of a disease through art and education will create new perspectives and encourage the public to discuss the influence of sex, race and socioeconomic status among other factors, on our health.

In order to accomplish this, our team has created a portfolio of microscope images including some of the diseases that affect different communities in a disproportionate manner. These photographs were then digitally cured to create visually appealing products, such as stickers and button pins that people will receive as a token for their donation.  In parallel, a marketing campaign was conducted through social media and on-campus advertising, with the aim to further increase the reach of our project.