My proposed series of paintings investigate the common ground between art and science to develop a shared experience between artists and scientists where new connections are uncovered between the two unseemly correlated fields. More specifically, my work highlights the unexpected molecular properties of objects we encounter in our lifetimes. By exploring the relationship between recognizable objects and associated molecular compounds, I am revealing the intersectionalities between the two “independent” fields of study. To reveal the importance of materiality, I incorporate the physical matter of the subject material, e.g. grinding apple snail (Pomacea maculata) shells into paint which will be used to visually depict an apple snail. Another example includes my piece, “Shared Genetics,” which depicts guanine and cytosine (two base pairs of DNA) where I manipulated the paint medium by grinding up three generations of my family’s hair into the paint. Not only am I looking at DNA at the molecular level, but I am also using shared genetic material to show how the base pairs of DNA interact. Ultimately, my goal is to create a visual, understandable, and recognizable collection that will appeal to both scientists and artists alike.