• Between the Lines

This project will result in an interactive exhibition in the Sarofim Fine Arts Gallery at Southwestern, pending approval by the faculty. This exhibition will be comprised of several series of comic book-styled panels influenced by studies in semiotics. Each series tells an interpretative narrative, and although the middle of each story is temporarily obstructed, viewers may choose to reveal the middle panels by drawing back a set of curtains to expose the missing context.

Each panel will be drawn and inked on Bristol Board, scanned, colored, rendered, and then printed out and hung on the wall. The center panels are obstructed with opaque black curtains in order to shroud the central narrative and may be pulled away to reveal the art at the viewer’s discretion.

By interacting directly with the pieces, viewers may dive deeper and more personally into the work by investigating each story and revealing missing information to discover themes such as missing context in current media culture or in assumptions and conclusions individuals make every day. The artwork relies on the space between the viewer’s perception of the narrative and their realization of the actual narrative once the central elements are brought back into context.