The Arts & Disability - Stage Play and Film Project seeks out to effectively portray the ways disabilities impacts artists and their work. The project consists of three phases - Script Development, Stage Production, and Film Documentation. During Script Development, the Project Lead and Project Manager will seek out disabled artists for interviews, and document their interview and experiences via video. Using these interviews, a script will be developed that incorporates points made in the interviews and depicts the life of a disabled artist. After the script is developed, the interviewees and Project Advisor will review the script to evaluate if it depicted disability appropriately, and the Advisor will review the theatrical elements of the script for design potential. Then, the Project Lead and Project Manager will compose a creative team with designers, actors, etc., which will last between 2-3 months (maximum) and filmed alongside the play itself. Finally, the show will premiere and willing audience members will be interviewed before and after the show to document what their first impressions are, and how this show changed the way they view the arts in relation to disability. Finally, a film will be made out of the process to continue the conversation after the conclusion of the stage play.