• Kathryn Caudell '19
  • Logan Spalding '19

In the 2019 fall semester, seniors Kathryn Caudell ’20 and Logan Spalding ’20 attended the 2019 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Conference along with the Sustainability Coordinator, Veronica Johnson. 

According to Caudell, “The AASHE conference gave [her] great direction for [her] capstone project,” which explores sustainable buildings.  Through this Mosaic Mini-Grant-funded experience, she was able to “make meaning of [the] academic experience.”

Spalding attended many sessions and learned a great deal about environmental issues, ranging from global UN initiatives to local controversies involving Sodexo. Like Caudell, what he heard and who he met at the event motivated him. “I expected to learn while I was in Washington, but I didn’t expect to be inspired.” 

Both students, now alumni, gained a lot from the experience and developed their views and studies. Their experience was one of many funded by the Mosaic Mini-Grant and will (hopefully) not be the last of its kind. Spalding writes, “I highly recommend to advocate for younger students to take full advantage of the Mosaic Mini-Grant so that they have more time to implement what they have learned at Southwestern.”