• Matt Sanford '20 (left) and Hazel Hedrick '20 (right) being awarded first place in the CTF Hacking Competition at TexSAW 2019.
  • Kirby Steckel '21 (left) and Joseph Roybal '21 (right) being awarded third place in the CTF Hacking Competition at TexSAW 2019.
  • Attendees of the TexSAW 2019 conference enjoying lunch. From left to right: Hazel Hedrick, Joseph Roybal, Matt Sanford, Kirby Steckel, and Thomas Zschiesche
  • SU's Programming Competition Team at the ACM South Central Regional Competition. From left to right: Devon Fulcher '19, Sara Boyd '20, and Anna Krolikowski '20.

On November 1st-2nd, 2019, several Southwestern University students attended the 9th Texas Security Awareness Week conference (TexSAW 2019) at the University of Texas in Dallas. There, they participated in a Capture-The-Flag style hacking competition, winning 1st and 3rd place. Specifically, students Matt Sanford and Hazel Hedrick won 1st place, while Kirby Steckel and Joseph Roybal won 3rd place. Details here: https://csi.utdallas.edu/events/TexSAW-2019/#results . SU Student Thomas Zschiesche was also inattendance.

Shortly afterward, on November 9th, three Southwestern University students attended the Association for Computing Machinery’s South Central Regional programming contest. This competition included students from Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, and took place simultaneously at several sites throughout the region. Southwestern’s team the Pirates, consisting of Sara Boyd, Devon Fulcher, and Anna Krolikowski, drove to the site at the University of Texas-San Antonio to compete, and managed to solve 4 of the 12 programming problems, putting them in 42nd place: http://ld2019.scusa.lsu.edu/standings-contest-dir/ . The Pirates beat 18 other teams. It has been over a decade since a team from Southwestern has solved that many problems in the competition.

Congratulations to our students, and good luck to those competing in these competitions and others in future semesters!