In her exhibition Ungodly, Abigail Jendrusch explores displays of power in Catholicism, and how these hierarchies are subverted in the tradition of the Carnival festival. Her porcelain wares use bright glazes that echo the vivid, cheerful color of stained-glass cathedral windows and the lively atmosphere of Carnival, while the surfaces are ornately decorated with morbid, unsettling imagery to make the viewer apprehensive about approaching and interacting with the work.


Alex Thompson’s photographic series, Perish, explores the parasitic relationship between humans and the natural world, revealing ways in which we alter and destroy it to fulfill our corrupt perception of ever-growing needs. The reappearing white cloth in this photographic work envelops the subjects as they exist within abandoned and decrepit structures. The cloth becomes soiled over time illustrating the inevitability of nature to reclaim the world as its own once again.