Art history major Paola Bazan '22 interned with the Witte Museum cataloging a botanica collec...Art history major Paola Bazan '22 interned with the Witte Museum cataloging a botanica collection.Funded internships

The internship has been a staple in the lives of college students for decades; after all, they allow students to work in fields that interest them while still going to classes and getting their degree. For college students today, few things are more important than securing an internship, but such an opportunity does not come without complications. For many, it can be difficult to find an internship that pays enough to cover bills and tuition. Or if the internship is unpaid, students may not have enough time to work for pay outside of that commitment; therefore, they may take a different job outside of their field, such as a retail or other customer-service position, that allows them to have an income but does not give them valuable experience in their area of study.

At Southwestern University, however, the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) has created a program that allows students to do both. With CCPD’s funded internship program, it is possible for Southwestern students to work in the internship of their dreams while still getting paid.

The application process is simple: students attend one CCPD-sponsored information session about funded internships, and they automatically have the ability to apply for fall, spring, or summer funded internships for the rest of their time at Southwestern. Tyler Anderson ’22, a communications and English double major, was able to take on an internship at Slingshot, LLC, a marketing company in Dallas. He says that “the funding I received for my internship allowed me to work on projects I was passionate about.”

This opportunity has empowered Southwestern students to gain invaluable experience and enjoy the internships they want without worrying about the pay, and thankfully, there will be many more students to come who will be a part of this program. To apply for a funded internship for the spring of 2020, follow this link for more information and to sign up for information sessions. The deadline to apply for the spring of 2020 is Friday, January 17, 2020.

Megan Nair ’20 and friends, ISEP Direct Shanghai, China Fall 2018.Megan Nair ’20 and friends, ISEP Direct Shanghai, China Fall 2018.

Study-abroad scholarships

With the shops on the square, the Georgetown Palace Theater, the annual Red Poppy Festival, and events such as performances and art exhibitions at the Sarofim School of Fine Arts, there is no shortage of interesting things to do in Georgetown, Texas. However, places all over the world have beautiful cultures completely different from Georgetown that liberal-arts students can greatly benefit from experiencing: There’s the West End in London, Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina, canals and biking in Amsterdam, and so much more. Thankfully, at Southwestern University, students have the opportunity to study abroad during their four years, and they can choose from a multitude of programs. Some of these programs include a semester in London, the New York Arts Program, and a summer in Amsterdam or Buenos Aires.

Unfortunately, traveling is expensive, and many students do not get to experience these cultures until much later in their lives. 

However, Southwestern University provides a solution in the form of three different scholarships that enable students to study abroad. These scholarships—the Kahler Scholarship, the Lokey Scholarship, and the Paideia Scholarship—help make studying abroad more affordable and accessible for all students.

With the Kahler scholarship, students can earn between $500 to $5,000 toward a semester or yearlong study-abroad program, and with the Lokey Scholarship, they can earn between $200 and $700 for summer programs. Paideia Scholarships are awarded for all study-abroad programs on the basis of a demonstrated understanding of and commitment to integrated learning as well as financial need. Southwestern also offers the Gilman Scholarship, which is a national study-abroad scholarship for students receiving Pell Grants. 

For more information on Southwestern’s different scholarships, follow this link. The deadline to apply for SU summer study abroad is February 1, 2020.