Bad breath? Yep!

Difficulty eating? Yep!

Red, swollen, tender gums? Yep!

Weight loss? Yep!

Poor Mr. Socks!  Were it not for his caring student friends, he would have perished by now from the cumulative effects of dental disease. He has bad dental health. It has become a recurring event…a trip to the veterinary clinic to have teeth pulled. 

The first time Mr. Socks had teeth pulled was in October 2015.  A special student friend, Jennie DeVore, noticed his very bad breath problem, “not just cat-breath, but you-need-medical-attention breath.  He also had a little drool on his chin.” She reported his condition to Cat Partners. “Other than the bad breath and drool, he seems upbeat and healthy, but I know mouth issues can be fatal, and this cat really ought to be immortal because he is one of my favorite things about SU.”  Cat Partners immediately went to the rescue, reaching out to local non-profit Georgetown Animal Outreach for advice and funds, and holding a fundraising bake sale. Students who were not even members of the organization stepped up to the challenge of fundraising, transporting, and providing follow-up care for their beloved Mr. Socks. 

Following the surgery, Mr. Socks went back to being his old self for some time, minus a few teeth.  However, the dental disease continues to bother him, and probably will for the rest of his life. Because he is a feral cat it is hard to give his teeth a frequent good brushing.  Plaque builds up. Over time, his immune system reacts to the bacteria in his mouth, speeding the progression of the disease to his other teeth. In fact, without treatment, Mr. Socks’ condition would most certainly progress from feline periodontal disease to organ damage to a painful death.

Mr. Socks returned to Georgetown Veterinary Hospital for another dental surgery in June of 2019, and had five additional teeth pulled.  Each dental surgery cost around $500. Cat Partners has been able to raise funds to cover the costs.  We love our beloved mr. Socks, despite his stinky breath and toothless mouth. He is our special cat.  As Jennie DeVore testified in 2016 “No campus cat is more popular than Mister Socks. This tuxedoed denizen of Lord Center is the most brazenly affectionate of cats, earning food, cuddles, and even dental surgery from his innumerable fans.”