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To the Members of the Southwestern University Community:

I am pleased to announce that Southwestern has accepted the joint proposal of Tom Courtice, of TBC Search Consulting, LLC, and of Susan Resneck Pierce, of SRP Consulting, LLC, to collaborate in consulting with the presidential search advisory committee and, ultimately, the board of trustees in identifying our next president. Both Dr. Courtice and Dr. Pierce are highly regarded college and university consultants, both have been faculty members at and presidents of national liberal arts colleges, both know Southwestern well, and both care deeply about our institution.

Dr. Courtice will take the lead in conducting the actual search, assisting the search advisory committee in setting goals and establishing processes, coordinating the entire search process, recruiting and cultivating candidates, coordinating external advertising, conducting due diligence on candidates, and advising the search advisory committee regarding semifinal and final candidate interview schedules. Dr. Pierce’s primary role will involve the preparation of a search profile and job description to inform candidates of the specific opportunities and duties of the presidential position and of the desired attributes of the candidate of choice. Dr. Pierce will share a draft of the profile and job description with Southwestern’s presidential search advisory committee to ensure accuracy and to gain the committee’s insights about how most effectively to highlight the University’s many strengths and opportunities as well as its challenges. Both Dr. Courtice and Dr. Pierce plan to be on campus in mid-October to attend the organizational meeting of the presidential search advisory committee and to hold listening sessions with all campus constituencies, including both open forums and meetings with small groups.

For more information on Dr. Courtice and Dr. Pierce, visit the Presidential Search website.

Stephen G. Tipps
Chair, Southwestern Board of Trustees