Philip Moffatt '19 This summer, I have had the unique opportunity to take on two internships. This experience has been one of the most incredible opportunities. For June and July, I got to spend time at Texas Methodist Foundation, and from July to December, I am working in downtown Austin at Morgan Stanley in the wealth-management office. 

Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF)

TMF is a unique foundation that not only provides grants for nonprofits in the community but also offers loans for the Methodist church nationally. They also offer a range of investment options for individuals, churches, and organizations, including market-based portfolios and the Methodist Loan Fund.

My role this summer has been dynamic, taking on projects in every department. I have worked on numerous projects for the loan department, analyzing financial data on every Methodist church in the U.S. I have also researched foundations, social-focused funds, and government policy to create a presentation on social entrepreneurship and its impact. I was even able to take on marketing projects, creating posts for social-media campaigns and writing stories from interviews conducted with donors.  

Morgan Stanley (MS)

MS’s wealth-management office focuses on working with individuals, families, businesses, and institutions to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve, and manage wealth. As a global leader in wealth management, MS works to provide the best strategic investment solutions to meet the unique goals and values of their clients.

As the institutional consulting intern in the Graystone Team, I am focused on the financial analysis of current and prospective clients’ investment strategies and global asset allocations. In addition, this internship will include in-depth product analysis in equities, fixed income, and alternatives. The role also includes learning about how to create overall business development strategies by creating customized financial plans and asset allocation proposals by designing tailored reporting for new and existing institutional clients.

Philip Moffatt '19

Bringing it together

Both these roles have allowed me to make relationships and learn from some of the brightest minds in finance. My long-term goals are to provide financial expertise and services to benefit others and the community around me. What has been incredible is to work with the foundation and learn how they provide banking services to nonprofits and churches who do not have the proper resources. To go from there to a global investment bank and learn how they, too, work to provide services for others who may have the resources but not the expertise has been valuable.

What I have treasured the most is seeing how both companies put their clients first. Whether it’s a nonprofit or global bank, the focus in on others. And that has furthered my passion for a career in wealth management.

It has been the best summer of my life. I have never learned so much and met so many genuine people in such a short time