• Marissa Shipp, "Space Jam," 3D Digital animation with sound(detail), 2019

I have been investigating the theory and practice of transmedia sculpture, which involves principles of traditional and digital 3D art-making alongside the 4D space of digital and sensory imagery/interaction. I see the new field of transmedia sculpture as a bridge between digital technology and the sculpture studio in the context of object making, gallery presentation, interactive social practice and networked media. I have become most interested in developing animated public sculpture and interactive digital environments coupled with electronic performance in sound. I eventually want to work with animations as installations and I seek opportunity that would allow me to develop a body of work in this new medium of transmedia sculpture. Additionally, I see collaboration with other artists for large works as critical. I reference social media to access tutorials, techniques, ideas and exposure to what other filmmakers, animators and moviemakers are currently making as well as new technology being utilized. By studying different sources of components that can be integrated, I grow my understanding of how parts can work together to create more intense, meaningful and impactful works that will resonate with a broader audience. This approach is metaphorically related to my desire to take in and internalize the perceivable and technologically accessible world around me with my own considerations in order to put out a well-rounded comprehension of it with a twist, as well as bringing together multiple components to make them work together. Integrating my experiences from critiques and how my works have been perceived by peers, staff and social relations pushes my new productions to be more clear, refined, professional and appealing to a wider range of people for the sake of philanthropy or humanitarianism that my art potentially offers as well as my presence in the art world. The transmedia I currently create is academic and not to be confused with “Hollywood Entertainment” despite its ability to be subjectively entertaining. My concepts are pieces that compose my developing vision of works that make people feel more alive because they deal with the feeling of being alive and stimulated.