As an athlete, my focus has always been on the game and my responsibilities within it. However, I was always interested in the many moving parts and people that allow sporting events to be a way to bring people together. My internship with the Round Rock Express this summer allowed me to experience just that. Through the Alumni Networking Program at Southwestern, I was presented with an opportunity by Taylor Shipp ’12 to apply for the internship while also learning about her time at Southwestern and her responsibilities as the digital content specialist for the Round Rock Express team. 

This summer, I was one of 15 college students from around the area to be an in-game promotions and community marketing intern, or what they called at the ballpark “the Promo Team.” My overall task throughout the season was to engage fans during each game and improve their experience anytime they entered Dell Diamond. Each game brought new challenges for me: whether it was finding contestants to play on-field games, organizing game props, or escorting special guests, the internship brought a new test everyday. 

Being a business major and communications minor, I’ve learned skills through multiple classes at Southwestern that worked in my favor. Knowing the importance of team communication and seeing strategic marketing tactics used in the sports industry made the internship more meaningful. One thing that I learned while working with the Express is how vital it is to be well-rounded and proficient at different things. Everyone that I’ve had the chance to interact with at the Express has shown me that there is much more than the job title they hold. All employees are expected to go above and beyond in whatever task they are assigned to and then go the extra mile to help the person next to them. This is the team mentality that has made the organization so special in its 20 seasons. 

Moving forward after graduating from Southwestern, I want to work in the sports industry in sales, marketing, community relations, or operations. My dream is to display the team’s values through the work ethic that I provide. I absolutely loved working at the ballpark everyday because I had the chance to provide a lasting experience for citizens in the Austin area. Everyone with the Express is a part of the team. No, they may not have to worry about catching a fly ball, but everyone from the grounds crew to the team president does their best to provide the city of Round Rock with a fun, interactive, and professional sports experience.