• "BlossomeD," metal and spray paint
  • "BlossomeD," metal and spray paint
  • Installation view of "BlossomeD"
  • "Bill's Eye," metal and spray paint
  • "Cascade," metal and spray paint
  • "Growing Trio," metal and spray paint

Captured Chaos explores the reconfiguration of natural structures to capture a sense of visual chaos. Through the abstraction and fragmentation of the natural structures, it allows chaos and rigidity to become a part of the quasi-natural configuration. Each structure should appear to grasp a single moment in time and yet, also allow for the work to appear as if it is in ceaseless motion. Movement is created through the use of line, space, color, and volume created by the arrangement of the bent metal triangles. Each individual metal triangle was cut and bent to be specifically unique, where no two are the same. Therefore, each individual triangle brings in its own unique element of chaos, movement and dimension to the new configuration. The purpose of the precise placement of each triangle creates an illusion of continuous fluidity and movement. Through continuous fluidity, the configurations become lively and chaotic.

The new configurations generates an environment that is intimidating, intriguing and forces a confrontation with the viewer and the reconfiguration.