The Art and Art History Department at Southwestern University presents three senior art exhibitions by Sophia Anthony (Bachelor of Fine Arts), Elliott Boone (Bachelor of Arts), and Hayley Donnelly (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in the Sarofim Gallery, East Rutersville Drive, Georgetown, Texas. 

Sophia Anthony’s exhibit Garden of the Laws is comprised of paintings in two forms: portraits based on mugshots and paintings of fractal patterns from skin wrinkles. In the first series, Anthony examines and questions the practice and connotations of mugshots, recontextualizing booking photographs by painting them painstakingly like aristocratic portraits. In her larger, more abstract paintings, Anthony uses mathematical fractal modeling to simulate the appearance of human wrinkles, eliciting questions about the nature of representation and abstraction. In parallel, these two series of paintings explore and carefully consider the history and contemporary role of portraiture.

Nature is more than just the inspiration for Elliott Boone’s work—it is an active and vital part of the process. Once constructed, ceramic vessels are left unprotected and unsupervised in the forest resulting in a collaboration between the environment and its inhabitants. Boone’s exhibition, From the Forest, features a collection of ceramic vessels that celebrate the natural world.

Through delicately casted dark colored clay designs, Hayley Donnelly’s exhibition, Hang Time, explores the pressure and emotional strain embedded in sports culture. The shadows that are cast on the viewer from an accumulation of suspended clay objects act as a metaphor for the darkness and complexities of one’s own insecurity.