The Art and Art History Department at Southwestern University presents three senior art exhibitions by Julia O’Bryan (Bachelor of Arts), Angelina Palacios (Bachelor of Arts), and Marissa Shipp (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in the Sarofim Gallery, East Rutersville Drive, Georgetown, Texas.

Julia O’Bryan’s artworks speak to the passage of time and her struggle to live with an aggressive autoimmune disease in her ceramic sculpture exhibition titled The Beauty in Brokenness. But how she chooses to handle her struggle also creates a strong sense of a beautiful life well lived. Just as microscopic coral struggles to live in a barren shelf of the ocean and its life processes create beautiful forms in building a habitat to support other life forms, so too does O’Bryan’s body of artwork give support to others by creating beauty through destruction.

Angelina Palacios’ Captured Chaos explores the reconfiguration of natural structures to capture a sense of visual chaos. Through the abstraction and fragmentation of natural structures, Palacios allows chaos and rigidity to become a part of the quasi-natural configuration she creates. Palacios’ work generates an environment that is intimidating, intriguing and forces a confrontation with the viewer and the reconfiguration.

Marissa Shipp’s transmedia works integrate music and animated sculptural forms that augment each other in pursuit of creating unique, immersive experiences for viewers by manipulating and stimulating the audience’s sense of time and space. In her exhibition titled Enterprise, her works reflect her journey of growth over time using software she has worked with during her academic career. Conceptually, her videos celebrate and evoke energy on a broad spectrum ranging from the calm to the chaotic.