SU Radio is experiencing a resurgence on campus led by an influx of new content producers and increased interest in broadcasting. One small problem remains: people aren’t tuning in enough! Currently the only way to actually listen in is by going to a clunky website maintained by SU Radio’s third-party streaming partner. To help mitigate this issue, our team, which includes the president of SU Radio, is developing and rolling out a mobile app and website for streaming the live shows produced by the organization’s new DJs and talk show hosts. This app allows students to listen in wherever they are, in a format that is familiar to them. One of the most unique aspects of the app is the ability to tune in to live shows, a feature not offered on the popular streaming apps and websites already used by students which focus primarily on music and pre-recorded podcasts. We anticipate that the mobile app and streamlined website will contribute to growing SU Radio’s base of listeners and improving the outreach of student content creators.