“Lecture in a Box” is an educational, social, and environmental initiative led by a team of four international STEM students. This project has two goals; First, it aims to spread awareness about the global, often overlooked  issue of antibiotic resistance to the general public. The second goal of this project is to increase the presence of traditionally underrepresented groups in the natural sciences.


Our team, composed of Southwestern students representing Spain, France, Mauritius, Colombia and Ecuador, realized that none of us had ever experienced something close to research before college. Because of a general lack of resources and differences in the education systems, most students in our home countries are never exposed to what a career in the natural sciences is like. We believe that making these experiences available to students around the globe, in an engaging way, will help solving the issue of under-representation in places where decisions of global impact are being made.


Our team understood that a global issue threatening environmental as well as public health systems, can also be a great motivator. With that idea on mind, we designed a kit for teachers, containing the necessary educational materials for an engaging, introductory lecture to the issue of antibiotic resistance, as well as materials for the students to perform a fun microbiology experiment. We called this kit “Lecture in a Box”, and so far students in 4 different continents, speaking three different languages, have benefited from it.