• Automated Dental-Health System

The idea behind the Automated Health System was as simple as it was needed - I wanted to, in some way, increase the quality of life of as a college student. Within the confines of my own dorm room, there were concerns raised about the messiness of the dormitory, and the communal bathroom in particular. The question of hygiene seemed to come second in the pressed-for-time-situation which most students find themselves in the morning. This is where the idea of an apparatus that could do sterilize the toothbrush and at the same time dispense the toothpaste, was born. That idea was then further developed into an Automated Dental-Health system with UV-light disinfection.    The scope of the project and dental hygiene may seem limited or unimportant, yet research points toward correlations between poor dental-hygiene and cardiovascular diseases, in young men especially*.  The project itself will be divided up into three different parts: Mechanics, Electronics and Design. All of these parts are in essence very different disciplines of physics and engineering, and that was part of the appeal of the project: Bringing together the transformation rotational movement into translateral, the programming of microcontrollers (Arduino) as well 3D-modelling and printing - all under the umbrella of one creative endeavor.