• Southwestern Sweethearts

If you ask current students and alumni what they think is most important or memorable about Southwestern, eight out of 10 will respond with something along the lines of the campus’s warm, welcoming environment and tight-knit community, and the other two will usually mention something related to that theme, such as how supportive the faculty and staff are or how strong and helpful the alumni network is.

But beyond cherished friendships and mentorships, for quite a few SU alumni, a different type of affection develops—one that might bloom into a lifelong romantic relationship or marriage. That kind of love can blossom during the couple’s shared years on campus, or that special spark might not be kindled until years later, when alumni meet and connect over shared Pirate pride and memories of favorite professors, places to study, or student organizations.

However you feel about Valentine’s Day, the nearly 50 first-person stories shared by Southwestern Sweethearts merit a click and a read: they range from “awwww”-inspiring and uplifting to comical and utterly concise (e.g., “we met in chemistry lab”). We invite you to enjoy these couple’s stories, and if you’re a Southwestern alumni couple who hasn’t yet shared your meet-cute tale, we encourage you to do so here!