• Forever a Southwestern Family

Jared picked Southwestern because his brothers “kept emphasizing how the professors here are amazing and how I’ll feel like I’m a part of an awesome community.” Justin, on the other hand, was planning on going to a large state school, but now says that “Southwestern has helped immensely on providing a world-class education and understanding the necessities of my family.” Jason, who graduated May of 2018, said that his graduation from Southwestern was particularly important to him. “There is something extra special walking across that stage during graduation, looking out to your classmates and knowing that we truly accomplished this together.” Joseph, who is now working on a degree at South Texas College of Law, said that “the Southwestern Experience is priceless and the impact the school has on you is life-changing.”

Each brother mentioned a key aspect of Southwestern that all students and alumnus understand, the lifelong friendships. Some met them through classes, clubs, sports, Greek Life… the start of the relationships may be different but the quality is the same. “My favorite thing about Southwestern was the people,” said Joseph, when asked about the parts that stuck with him. With three different majors spread across four brothers, their educational experiences may have been different, but the relationships stay the same. No matter who you ask, each student that spends time here understands the feeling of community that ends up being more like family. With a school of 1,500 students and many students living on-campus, the lifelong relationships built here become standard. There is no doubt that there is a particular kind of person who picks this school, leading to a unique connection with students from all over the world­–or maybe from under the same roof.

The academics were also mentioned by all in a way that explains why they chose to follow similar paths. They talked about professors who went out of their way to help students and classes that push students “to be creative and think outside the box,” as Joseph describes. Another key aspect that Justin discussed is the growth that happens to students at Southwestern. He names the school as the reason for his overall growth as “a student, athlete and person,” which accomplishes many goals of the University. The professors, specifically, were brought up often from the McCormack brothers. Justin said, “Every professor is always more than willing to spend extra time helping students and I have never been to a place so passionate about inspiring students and peers,” while Jared said “I feel like Southwestern has an abundance of resources in advising and preparing students.” With the Princeton Review including Southwestern as the #7 Career Services in the country, it is clear that success stories are hard not to find here.

Four brothers, with six years between Jared and Joseph, diverse interests and hobbies, all knew Southwestern was the right choice for them. From a law school student to a first-year on campus at SU, there is no lack of appreciation for the opportunities given. This shows that sometimes Southwestern can be a surprising fit. But, the feeling of home, community, open-mindedness are the reasons students come here. And, we are so grateful to have the McCormack brothers. They are, by definition, a true “Southwestern family.”