In her exhibition Separate/Together, Jennifer Pangelinan presents figurative paintings and drawings of her family members at various stages of life. She explores representations of personality, physical and psychological growth while considering individual identity and familial bonds that develop during times together and apart. With a belief that beauty in art can be a respite from the challenges and fast pace of modern life, Pangelinan creates images with dramatic ranges in light, vibrant colors, and textural patterns that celebrate simple pleasures and quiet moments. Her work invites others to discover common ground between the person in the portrait and themselves.


Katlyn Hellmer’s painting and photography series Indices in Ultramarine examines contemporary art’s relationship with the environment and the ways in which an artwork’s time, location, or placement within various spaces may determine how it is perceived. Through a carefully designed process, each painting’s final pattern is created by impressing the wet paintings onto the ground at various locations.Through this, she questions whether a change in an artwork’s lighting, formal display, or spacing, or even the audience’s socio-economic class, religious or educational identity may determine an artwork’s reception as a profound work of art.