• Hang in there!

Greetings, English Majors!

We know this is a busy time (how’s that for understatement?), so we’ll keep it short.

Capstone Presentations

The English department will gather on Friday, Dec. 7, at 5:00 in the Mood Atrium to hear capstone presentations from Dr. Kilfoyle’s Fall 2018 Aesthetic Returns class. Come celebrate the work of Sophie Daniel, Madison Hayslette, Vlad Hightower, Lili Labens, Arden Lange, B.G. Leadbetter, Marissa Morin, Sam Rao, and Katie Rouse. Food for the mind and the body will be served!

Rose Award for Grad School Fees Deadline Coming Soon

Deadline for Fall 2018 Rose Award for Grad School Fees: Dec 1. Apply here! 

Happy paper writing and hang in there: Chanukah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Winter Break are coming.

Dr. Meyers (aka Dr. M) on behalf of the English Department