• Ride to a better future!

At the start of August, it was announced that Georgetown’s GoGeo Bus would be free for Southwestern students, staff, and faculty. While this is great news for the Georgetown and Southwestern community, its left many with the question, what all can I do on the bus? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. The bus not only lets you run your errands with ease, but can take you to some fun places for an eco-friendly adventure.


Eco-Friendly Errands

Whether it’s getting groceries for the week or some decorations for your dorm, the GoGeo can get you where you need to go without stepping foot on the pedal.

If you’re going to HEB, simply:

  • Hop on the Orange Line near the lacrosse fields going West
  • Get off at the Library, switch to the Red Line going West
  • Then get off at the University/IH35 stop in front of HEB.

To get back:

  • Jump back on the Red Line going East
  • The switch back to the Orange line at the Library going East back to Southwestern

Once you get off, you’ll probably notice there is more than just HEB nearby, such as Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby, and a hair institute! This close-to-campus location is a perfect place to get a haircut, grab some dorm-room decor, and then hit up the HEB for some late night studying snacks and groceries.


Stress-Free Target Fun Run

Trust me, you’re not the only one who goes to Target to pass the time and de-stress. Whether you’re stressing over assignments and need to get off campus, or you’re just in the mood to go, the GoGeo Bus can get you there!

All you need to do is:

  • Jump on the Orange Line going West
  • Change to the Red Line also going West
  • Get off at the Simon/Memorial stop next to Cane’s Chicken, this is the stop to get to Wolf Ranch and Target.

Though you have to cross 29 to get to the shopping center, it can give your legs a good stretch after sitting in the library for hours.

To get back,

  • Jump back on the Red Line going East
  • Then switch back at the Library to the Orange line also going East back to Southwestern

This is a great way to get to Target, or any of your favorite Wolf Ranch stops, without having to arrange rides, waste gas, or leave from “princess parking” in front of your dorm.


Environmentally-Friendly Farmers Market Trip

Did you know that there is a Farmers Market in Wolf Ranch? Every Saturday from 9AM-1PM, rain or shine, hardworking local vendors bring Georgetown’s residents fresh produce, food, and handmade goods!

The way to get there is the same as going to Target,

  • Simply jump on the Orange Line going west
  • Change to the Red Line also going west
  • Then get off at the Simon/Memorial stop.

Not only are you helping the planet by taking the bus, but you’re also helping our local businesses and strengthening the Georgetown community.


Mid-Day Movie

Sometimes, the best reward is to sit back and watch a movie. Though it may be enticing to sit in bed and watch Netflix, going out to the movies is a fun, exciting experience! Luckily, Georgetown’s bus system has a stop that is directly in front of the City Lights movie theater!

To get there:

  • Simply jump on the Orange Line going West
  • Change to the Red Line also going West
  • Wait for the bus to run till the end of its Westcycle and comes back going East
  • Get off at the first stop on the East route, Wolf Ranch/Rivery

Though the hours on the bus during the week are limited from 7AM to 7PM, and 8AM to 6PM on Saturday, it’s a great way to catch a movie without having to worry about finding a ride or using up your gas! But don’t worry about the time, you’ll get a great deal on matinee prices if you go during the day!

To get back:

  • Catch the Red Line going East
  • When you get to the Library, switch back to the Orange line going East back to Southwestern


Ride To A Better Future

The implementation of the GoGeo Bus in Georgetown has not only helped countless people who are in need of transportation but has connected Southwestern into the Georgetown community. If you need to escape campus, get a fresh perspective, or want to take a few steps to contribute in helping the planet, the GoGeo Bus is a wonderful way to do that.

If you want more information, visit GoGeo’s website and also visit their Real Time Transit Data page. The real-time transit data shows you where the buses are and what locations they lead to. For reference here are the bus numbers for Georgetown.

  • Orange 471
  • Red 474
  • Purple 472
  • Blue 473

Bus route image

Happy riding!