• 2018 Spring Breakaway t-shirt

“Breakaway from apathy to contribute to a shared humanity,” this is the motto of Southwestern’s Spring Breakaway program, an impactful experience which gives students the opportunity to travel to other, diverse communities in order to facilitate an impactful, asset-based, learning experience through a week of direct, mutually beneficial service. The program didn’t start from scratch though, it was developed with the help of Breakaway, a national nonprofit that promotes the development of quality spring break programs. We are happy to announce that in Breakaway’s 2018 T-Shirt of the Year Contest, they chose Spring Breakaway’s design!  Southwestern’s t-shirt design was awarded based on our story, inspiration, and design process for the shirt.


Facilitated by the Office of Community-Engaged Learning,  Spring Breakaway’s motto speaks clearly to the goals of the program, and the vision of Southwestern University as an institution. The Core Purpose of Southwestern University is “to make contributions toward the well-being of humanity,” a phrase which captures the essence of our story of becoming active citizens, to become individuals who prioritize the community in their values and life choices. This statement simply and clearly embodies the purpose of our program, our office, and our university.


Nikki Welch, last year’s Spring Breakaway Advisor, shared her vision of the program, “We hope that participants will return from a Spring Breakaway experience with a renewed and expanded care for their contributions to their communities.” Spring Breakaway provides an experience that encourages greater care, increased knowledge, and overall a great capacity to practice active citizenship in their daily lives. We desire this care and awareness to grow for our participants so that the community becomes a priority in their values and life choices, beyond their time at Southwestern University.


For more information on Spring Breakaway, please contact Lauren Muskara at muskaral@southwestern.edu or visit https://www.southwestern.edu/community-engaged-learning/spring-breakaway/index.php.