• Staying Connected
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We want to keep you connected to your Southwestern Experience and friends. Below are the top five reasons to maintain accurate contact information with Southwestern. (Click here to “Update Your Info.”)

  1. The Southwestern magazine will arrive at your doorstep twice a year. Southwestern shares campus news and class notes. This is a great way to stay updated on what is happening within our community. Plus, it’s a great coffee table magazine for your friends to see. “Whoa, you went to Southwestern? That’s a great school!”
  2. Your parents will stop receiving your mail. Have you updated your mailing address after graduation? If not, it’s likely that your folks are receiving your Homecoming invitation, your magazine, and everything else Southwestern sends to alumni.
  3. You will start receiving invitations to local chapter events in your area. You hear about events happening in Dallas, but you are still receiving Austin area event invitations. Our mailing list is based on zip codes and counties. If you are not receiving invitations for events in your area, it’s likely that we have incorrect information on file. Let’s get you connected in your area.
  4. Fellow Pirates in your career industry may reach out to you with a new opportunity or seeking advice. The Southwestern community has an extensive professional network. By sharing your updated employment information, alumni, students, and faculty may reach out with questions and opportunities. Young alumni may receive invitations to industry-related events in their region, called Emerging Leaders Dinners.
  5. We will mail gifts to your kids. Let us know about your little legacies, and we’ll mail your children birthday presents at birth and ages 5, 10, and 16 through our Legacy Link program. Who doesn’t love SU presents?

Update Your Information Today!

If you have questions pertaining to your information on file, please email the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.