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    Southwestern University

The Cullen Building Tower is filled with the signatures of alumni from across the decades. It is a visual representation of our remarkable network, one recognized for its intelligence, innovation, and diversity. 

Over the years, students and alumni have asked the same question: how do I connect with this extraordinary and extensive network? We set out to provide an answer to this question — by creating a digital space for the Southwestern community to flourish beyond the campus walls. We want for you to maximize “The Power of the Tower.”

It is with great enthusiasm that we formally launch PirateConnect, your lifelong gateway to the Southwestern network. PirateConnect is a platform where alumni and students can ask questions and seek guidance, coach and inspire, and find paths to professional aspirations. It is a digital space exclusively for Southwestern University.

Join PirateConnect

PirateConnect is designed to be flexible, user-friendly, and interactive. (Click here for video instructions.) Through PirateConnect, you can:

  • Expand your Southwestern professional network
  • Share career advice and guidance with Southwestern students and young alumni
  • Connect with Pirates in your industry or city of interest
  • Learn more about industries and initiate conversations
  • Access career development resources
  • Set up phone, video chat, or in-person meetings easily
We hope that PirateConnect will be a space where the Southwestern Experience will extend personal relationships among our community members. 
Questions? Contact us at PirateConnect@southwestern.edu or 512-863-1410.