Do you have 3rd party permissions turned on in LinkedIn?

If you’ve turned off 3rd party permissions in LinkedIn, then PeopleGrove (being a 3rd party application) won’t be able to connect your account. Log into LinkedIn in a separate window, go to your account information, look for the Privacy / Permissions settings, and turn on 3rd party permissions. Then, return to the PirateConnect login and try connecting LinkedIn again.


Are you blocked on a work network?

If you’re accessing PirateConnect and LinkedIn from your work network, it’s possible one or both of the sites are blocked. Contact your domain administrator or wait till you get home and try again.


Did you enter the correct login info?

Are the LinkedIn username and password you’re entering correct? If you’re not sure, you can always try resetting your LinkedIn password.


Still not working? Sign up with email and connect LinkedIn later

If you’ve checked all the above things and LinkedIn still isn’t connecting, we recommend signing up with email instead of LinkedIn. You can always connect LinkedIn later (after you complete signup) in your profile settings, but it’s also important to note that the only information we’re able to import from LinkedIn is your profile picture and current work info (not work history), so it likely won’t take too much work to simply transfer that information manually.


I connected LinkedIn, but not all my info is transferring. Why?

When you sign up with LinkedIn, we automatically import your profile image and current work information, making the signup process a little faster.

Note that we’re not able to import work history or any other information from your LinkedIn profile. We’re not able to access more than profile photo and current work info due to LinkedIn’s privacy settings.


Why do you ask for so many LinkedIn permissions? I don’t want to give you access to my account!

We only gather users’ profile photos and current work information from LinkedIn, but the level of permissions we need to ask for in order to gather that info requires that we also ask for permission to post as you, although we never do so unless you ask us to.

If you’re uncomfortable signing up with LinkedIn, we recommend simply signing up with your email instead!


Why we ask to access your profile overview

We will ask for your name, photo, headline, and current positions. We need this information so we can import it into your new PeopleGrove profile. This means you won’t need to fill it out twice.


Why we ask to access your email address

We will ask for the email address associated with your LinkedIn account. We need this so that we’ll be able to contact you when someone wants to connect with you, when your organization’s admins send updates, etc. We will not be able to access your email account itself.


Why we ask to share, comment, & like

Finally, we will ask for permission to post updates, make comments, and like posts as you. We will never post, comment, or like posts on your behalf unless you ask us to do so.