• Kaitlin Murray, "Measured (detail)", plastic doll, measuring tape, gauze, t-pins
  • Kaitlin Murray, "Confessions", sheet metal, monofilament
  • Kaitlin Murray, "Facts (detail)", transparency paper, monofilament, t-pins
  • Kaitlin Murray, "Altared", plaster, wood, latex, metal hangers
  • Kaitlin Murray, "Stretch" latex, canvas, acrylic paint, cotton

As a woman who has a muscular, tall, bigger boned body, I have experienced the ups and downs of body victimization my whole life. Heavily influenced by conceptual artists Maurizio Cattelan’s La Nona Ora and Damien Hirst’s The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, I have found myself focusing on social systems, such as society and body image and exploring how it has played a part in our world now and over time.

Another inspiration is the constant media overflow of fake facts and “views” about what society, doctors, dietitians, athletes, etc. deem as the perfect body. One minute your body needs to look like Venus De Milo, the next it is Kim Kardashian. Social media presents a constant whiplash of “methods,” “diets,” and  “plans” to achieve the ultimate body. Using material such as latex rubber to replicate skin, and recognizable objects from our culture associated with body image such as, the Barbie doll and measuring tape, I am demonstrating the absurdity this obsession has become.

I want the viewer to experience a sense of ridiculousness by witnessing all of the different views of the body. I want them to step into the sizes and see how false and overcrowded they are with idea of achieving perfection. This will be a psychological experience for each individual to view themselves as they exam the issue at hand.