• Annie Elkington, Tulip Dreams (detail), 13” x 8” x 6”, Stoneware
  • Annie Elkington, “Tulip Dreams”, stoneware, mixed media
  • Annie Elkington, “Tulip Dreams”, stoneware, mixed media
  • Annie Elkington, “Tulip Dreams (detail)”, stoneware, acrylic
  • Annie Elkington, “Tulip Dreams (detail)”, stoneware, mixed media

My work is a reflection of significant memories that make up my alcheringa: a traditional
Aboriginal way of life and belief system. The alcheringa is a visual assertion of where you come
from and who you are. These memories are tied to certain stages in life, locations, people and
sensations: they make up stories of a who a person is and what they stand for. By blending my
native Texan identity and Australian based background, I am awakening and bringing back my
inner child and childhood. Each piece holds a once-memory of a person, place or event
important in my life.

Is it possible to tap into the wonder and naivety that come with childhood? Children do
things that bring happiness.They talk openly, honestly and loudly. By creating an environment
inspired by whimsicality and adolescence, Tulip Dreams invites the viewer to walk through my
alcheringa, my dream time, with hopes to revive memories of the viewers personal innocence of
wonder and dreams in childhood.