Choosing a college is an important life decision, and if you do it right, it can have a dramatic effect on both your professional and personal future. Which makes the whole process a little intimidating and at times scary. This should make your choice a little easier.

1. Education for Tomorrow

The world is changing, and at an accelerating pace. It is estimated that 65% of students today will be employed in jobs that have yet to be created. In the 21st century career, you will be required to move the frontiers of knowledge ever forward with new ideas, original thinking and innovative creative work.

At Southwestern University, we’ve intentionally created an experience that prepares you for these new realities. Combining our breakthrough curriculum, consistent practice and real-world opportunities, SU will equip you with the intellectual skills required to think critically, adapt, collaborate and view problems from multiple perspectives. These customized skills represent a valuable piece of a broader, more relevant education for the tomorrow that awaits you.

2. A Different Classroom Experience

Our faculty consists of innovative leaders and award-winning researchers in their respective fields, each deeply committed to the success of every student. You’ll get to know your professors and more importantly, they’ll get to know you. SU inquiry-based learning creates a more active classroom with fewer lectures and more hands-on engagement.

Our faculty work collaboratively to provide not only a deep and relevant understanding of your chosen major, but an effective learning environment designed to enhance your ability to see across multiple disciplines. This provides you with a foundation for innovation and continual learning throughout your career and your life.

3. You’ll Engage in Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is an important part of the Southwestern Experience. It develops the intellectual practice of problem solving and provides an enduring framework for the exploration and creation of new knowledge. It is decidedly different from the typical classroom-based learning experience. Collaborating with faculty, our students work on authentic, unsolved problems, not scenarios scripted in a textbook.

These research opportunities extend well beyond the sciences to include the arts, humanities and social sciences. Subjects range from kinesiology to biochemistry and computer science to psychology. All involve research that has the potential to truly impact their fields.

Undergraduate research fits perfectly into SU’s experiential education model which complements inquiry-based learning and independent study with community-engaged learning and study abroad to develop the lifelong skills and abilities of a creator and innovator.

4. You’ll Leave With In-Demand Marketplace Skills

At Southwestern, you’ll develop the abilities, skills, and practices necessary to explore regions of original thought and creative expression that employers desire and the marketplace now demands. Our Office of Career Services start on day one to prepare you with internships, networking opportunities, and career-management advising. It’s just one of the many reasons SU was recently voted the ‘Best College in Texas for Getting a Job.’

Top graduate schools from across the country put a premium on Southwestern graduates. Our students are accepted into graduate programs at three times the national average.

5. We’re on the Edge of Austin

Just 25 miles south of campus is the vibrant, innovative city of Austin. Austin has many claims to fame and depending who you ask you may hear about its live music, BBQ, festivals, outdoor activities, art offerings, diversity or the city’s growing reputation as a hotbed for tech startups and entrepreneurs. There is a lot going on here, and the city’s strong economic growth and social scene make it a great place for young professionals.

6. Once You’re In, You’re In For Life.

Upon graduation you’ll join a select group of SU alumni who have gone on to create groundbreaking work in a variety of fields including science, business, literature, the arts, and technology. Our alumni network is strong, with a sense of camaraderie that produces lifelong friendships and a supportive global network.

Comedian Bill Engvall ’79 talks about his time at Southwestern, the weather and the vibrant student life experience. In his words “While at Southwestern, I did not have a bad day.”

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