Undergraduate research is an important part of the Southwestern Experience. It develops the intellectual practice of problem solving and provides an enduring framework for the exploration and creation of new knowledge. It is decidedly different from the typical classroom-based learning experience. Collaborating with faculty, our students work on authentic, unsolved problems, not scenarios scripted in a textbook. 

  • Learn about SCOPE Summer Research

    Eight-week, stipend-funded student-faculty collaborative research opportunities.

  • These research opportunities extend well beyond the sciences to include the arts, humanities and social sciences. Subjects range from Kinesiology to Biochemistry and Computer Science to Psychology. All involve research that has the potential to truly impact their fields.

    Undergraduate research fits perfectly into SU’s experiential education model which complements inquiry-based learning and independent study with community-engaged learning and study abroad to develop the lifelong skills and abilities of a creator and innovator.


    Recent Undergraduate Research

    Antonio Mendez ’20

    The Undergraduate Research Experience at Southwestern

    Antonio Mendez ’20 discusses how research at Southwestern is unique.

    SCOPE Southwestern

    Undergraduate STEM Research Provides Valuable Experience

    SCOPE summer research projects teach patience, persistence and effective failure


    Southwestern University SCOPE Scholars Launch Ozonesondes on Weather Balloons

    Three Southwestern University students recently learned to launch instruments on weather balloons that measure the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere.


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