• Ellis Boyer
    Ellis Boyer

Dear Dr. Loyless,

Thank you, and the Texas United Methodist College Association for your financial support. It came as a great surprise to me receiving this scholarship. It was a very generous gift, and I could not be more appreciative of the fact that your organization is willing to help students like me pay for college.

My name is Ellis Boyer, I’m majoring in biology and I’m a baseball player at Texas Wesleyan University. My favorite part about Texas Wesleyan is all the new friendships I have made from joining the baseball team. After graduation, I plan on going to dental school and eventually becoming a dentist. I have a very busy college schedule and receiving your scholarship has put my mind at ease because I no longer have to worry about finding a way to pay the remainder of my bill. 

After I start my career as a dentist, I plan to start my own scholarship for potential science major students who are starting their first year of college.

Again thank you so much for supporting Methodist students like me. 


Ellis Boyer