• SU faculty met with Congressional staffers (beginning sixth from left) Mr. Anthony Triola - Representative John Carter's Field Director, Ms. Sandy Edwards - Senator John Cornyn's Regional Director, and Mr. Jeff Williford - Senator Cornyn's Deputy Regional Director.
    Carlos Barron

In September 2017 the faculty of Southwestern University became the first university governing body to call upon Congress to address climate change. We passed this resolution:

We urge Congress to pass measures that will acknowledge the serious threat posed by climate change and that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a clear, transparent, and effective way.

Staff members for Texas Senator John Cornyn and US Representative John Carter came to campus and met with faculty to hear our concerns. In addition, our call for political action was covered on the front page of our local newspaper, Williamson County Sun.

To express to your Congressional legislators your own concerns about climate change (or global warming) and to ask them to address it, go to https://contactingcongress.org/, type in your zip code, and then look for the email icon.

For more information contact Emily Northrop, Professor of Economics at northrop@southwestern.edu.