• First-year students invited to SU the summer before their first semester to participate in EQUIP
  • Cake eaten by student participants in the Putnam competition
  • SU’s Putnam competition team relaxes after an intense Putnam exam, celebrating their accomplishments with food and cake!
  • Five new students were inducted into Upsilon Pi Epsilon. Those with certificates from left to right: Colin Scruggs, Elyssa Sliheet, Jacob Yager, Daniel Merritt, and Kristen McCrary. Also present in the back row were Dr. Barbara Anthony, Dr. Chad Stolper, Dr. Jacob Schrum, and Vice President Yash Gandhi

Before the academic year even started, the Math/CS department welcomed several incoming first-years to campus to participate in EQUIP (Embracing Quantitative Understanding and the Inquiry Process: https://www.southwestern.edu/math-and-computer-science/equip/). Future EQUIP students will be able to get a similar head start in college with regard to science and math courses.

As the year progressed, Math/CS majors competed in competitions like the South Central Regional USA ACM Programming Competition (http://ld2013.scusa.lsu.edu/scoreboard-regional/) and the Putnam math competition (https://www.maa.org/math-competitions/putnam-competition)

In the spring semester, the top Computer Science students were inducted into Upsilon Pi Epsilon, the Computer Science honor society, and treated to dinner at the local Wildfire restaurant on the Georgetown square.

Congratulations to all of SU’s Math/CS students!